Real-life Wedding Blog – August 2018

Tom and Alexandra – 21st July 2018

So lovely to see the wedding rings and invitation together!

We love creating wonderful wedding stationery but it’s always amazing to see any stationery in situ. We thought we’d share some of these images with you too, kindly supplied by the wonderful Nicola and Glen of weddingsbynicolaandglen – a unique wedding photography duo.

We are featuring the wonderful wedding of Tom and Alexandra, held in South Gloucestershire, as our first real-life wedding couple. As you can see from these photographs, their stunning lettepress-printed wedding invitation in royal blue ink on oyster card, featured an illustration of her family home. The royal blue ink started a theme that continued right through to their wedding day, with blue accents throughout the marquee, cake and floral bouquets, as well as their Order of Service and information sheet.

Alexandra’s beautiful wedding bouquet with the blue wedding theme accent colour





The stunning wedding cake and marquee reflecting the blue theme (


Tom and Alexandra – newly married!
Tom and Alexandra’s elegant wedding stationery suite
An Order of Service is usually a must-have item
The invitation!




Illustrations, photographs, monograms, entwined initials… you can use any design on the cover of your Order of Service
Bespoke envelope seal – a gorgeous finishing touch!
The rings and the invitation…

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