Personal Stationery FAQ

Personal Stationery FAQ

Personal Stationery > Sample Pack

What’s included in the sample pack?

Gee Brothers’ Personal Stationery Pack, shown on the left, includes samples of coloured paper and typefaces with useful information and prices. Choosing stationery is tough because there are so many options. Do you want ivory, cream, blue or grey paper? Smooth, antique or laid paper? Do you know the difference between them? Which typeface do you prefer? Which coloured ink will create the elegant personal stationery, be it correspondence cards or letterhead, to make the impression you want?

Our sample pack is the easiest way to answer these questions. Please tick the boxes to guide us in which samples to send out to you. You can tick as many boxes as you wish.

Personal Stationery > Ordering

I would like to order more of my personal stationery, in the same design, can I do this online?

Please check your original order carefully to make sure you choose the correct match and it is not available to buy online, please state in the order notes at the checkout or contact our sales team. You can also send in a physical copy of your stationery for us to replicate.

I want the same as an order I have placed before, but I am not sure what typeface/ink colour I used.

Please check your original order carefully to make sure you choose the correct match and it is not available to buy online, please state in the order notes at the checkout or contact our sales team.

I would like to order stationery in a style that you don’t have available online.

Please contact our sales team to order something that is unavailable online.

I previously ordered stationery from another company, can you reproduce their design?

You can send in a physical copy of your stationery for us to replicate as best we can with our stock.

Can I add a motif or image?

Yes, please do send in the motif or image you would like us to use and we can price accordingly.

I want to use a typeface that isn’t available online.

Please let us know which typeface you would like us to use and we can let you know if this is possible.

Can I order over the phone?

We ask you to kindly send an email to with as much information as possible in order for us to quote.



Colour of stock

Finish of stock – smooth or laid (rippled)

Colour of ink

Print finish,  Flat, raised, foiled

Any extras – envelope lining


Can I order peel & seal closure envelopes?

We only stock some envelopes with the peel and seal closure. When ordering online, please specify in the order notes if you would like peel and seal envelopes and we can let you know if we can fulfil this for you.

What is your minimum order quantity?


Can I order blank paper?

Yes, either with your letterheads or separately here:

Can I order more envelopes?

Yes, either with your letterheads or separately here:


Will I see a proof?

Your order includes a digital proof (PDF document) provided by email, giving a visual of your wording in your chosen typeface. Please note that the cost only covers a proof of one typeface choice. Up to two sets of minor adjustments can be made to your proof, free of charge. Any significant changes made to your order after you receive your proof will count as a ‘Major Change’ and will be charged additionally. A change of typeface counts as a major change. If you have any queries regarding your required changes, please do not hesitate to contact the sales team.

Can I get a physical copy of my order?

We do not offer wet proof as this will incur the same cost as ordering 30 invitations. We can send you as many samples as you wish, or you can book an appointment to be sure you know the quality of print you can expect.

What is a ‘test print’?

We test print anything digitally printed so you can check the colour of the print.

What counts as a minor change?

A minor change is any formatting, spelling mistakes or updated/changed information.

What counts as a major change, and why does it cost more?

A major change is a for your order to be set in a different typeface. This is because all of the proofs are set by hand and take the typesetter’s time to reset the whole proof.

Can I change a font after I have seen a proof?

A change of typeface counts as a major change and will be charged additionally.

The colours don’t look right on my proof.

All colours do look different in scene. Please do ask for samples or a specific pantone colour match to ensure the ink colour is correct.

How do I check a proof and how do I ensure I am printing my PDF proof to the right size?

We strongly recommend printing the proof to check the size. To print the proof at the correct size, it is essential that Page Scaling is set to ‘None’ and the Paper Size should be set to A4 by clicking Print / Properties / Advanced.  If the proof is bigger than A4, an A3 printer is required.  If in any doubt, please check the details of your order below. We strongly urge you having printed your proof the right size, to cut it out to the key-line, so you can achieve a more accurate impression of the actual position of the text/image on the page.

I’m having issues printing my proof, can you send me a printed copy?

If you are having issues with printing your proof, please contact your sales consultant and we will send a printed proof in the post. Please note, this will be printed on a standard A4 sheet of paper.

Will you proofread and check spelling?

When the go-ahead on a proof is given with no alteration, the customer accepts all responsibility for the wording, spelling, punctuation, layout, type-sizes – in fact everything that could be gleaned from looking at it – regardless of the copy and instructions provided.  If for any reason some of the proof is unclear, or one is concerned about something, it is the customer’s responsibility to seek clarification prior to giving approval.

What is a ‘Pantone Colour’ code?

The Pantone Colour System is a standardized colour matching system, which is widely used. It was devised to help printers and designers to specify and control colours for printing projects. The Pantone Colour System allows you to specify colours that cannot be mixed in traditional CMYK.

What counts as ‘design work’ and why does it cost more?

Design work is the time it takes to ensure any artwork provided by you is suitable for print.

What is typesetting?

This is the setting of all aspects of your stationery looking at formatting, spacing, print margins and legibility. Each element of your order is set by hand.

I can’t decide between two typefaces, can I see a proof in each?

Please let us know which typefaces you would like to see your proofs in and we can price accordingly. You can also see typefaces here:

Something is incorrect on my proof; will I be charged to change it?

You will not be charged for any mistakes we have made when setting your proof.


How long does it take to print my order?

Please note that printing lead times begin from the approval of the proof and the receipt of the remaining balance. Printing times for flat or thermographically printed orders are usually 7-10 working days and 10 -14 working days for letterpressed or foiled orders, or those with gilded or coloured edges. Engraving can take up to 15 working days. These times may be extended during busy periods. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Timing will vary according to season, but in general these guidelines can be followed:

For Normal service, allow three to five working days for proofing and eight to fourteen working days after approval of proof for dispatch of goods. Please note that these are target dates and not guaranteed, during certain busy times of the year these timings can be extended.

For Express service, proofs will be issued within one working day of receipt of order, and the goods dispatched within four to five working days of approval of proofs. There is an extra charge of £100 for the first order on Express service, and an additional £25 per order placed at the same time.  

Please note all our gilded board is ordered after proof approval and has a minimum ten day turn around; for express orders, please ask your sales consultant to advise of timings. 

Why do some print processes take longer than others?

When foiling, letterpressing and engraving, a die needs to be made for the order which adds to the lead times. 

What is finishing?

This includes anything like gilding edges, tissue lining envelopes, panel sinking etc.

My order has gone to print but I need to change something about my order.

Depending on how far along the process your order is, this may incur an additional fee. If your order has been printed, we will not be able to change anything without a reprint.

Refunds, Cancellations and problems with your order.

I want to cancel my order; how do I do this?

Cancellations made after proof stage will be charged at £50 per job. Cancellations made after printing stage will be charged at the full price of the job.

I’m not happy with my order.

Please contact your sales consultant if you are not happy with your order.

Something is missing from my order.

Please contact your sales consultant if something is missing from your order. 

My order has been damaged.

Please contact your sales consultant if something is damaged. 

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