Environmental Policy

Gee Brothers is a firm started as a family business in 1960 by the now sole proprietor Andrew Pearson-Gee, providing a very personal service in the production of private social stationery. Now it ranges the big City banks, party planners and The National Gallery among its clientele, and employs 13 staff in Battersea.

Gee Brothers has always considered the environment in its processes, but now it is a global issue, it is trying to reduce its carbon footprint and impact on the environment still further. Mr Pearson-Gee’s niece works for a World renowned environmental firm advising large multinationals in how to be greener, and she passes on any information to Gee Bros that is relevent to our business.

In an effort to minimise its contribution to climate change, Gee Bros aims to achieve the highest status in its carbon reduction programme by improving its efforts in reducing its carbon footprint by 5% within one year from its currently measured footprint of 26.9 tonnes per annum.

In addition, as it is a membership organization, its key member goal is to ensure all its dealers have access to its carbon reduction programme, and ultimately achieve environmental accreditation through its preferred partner, Carbon Smart.

To achieve its environmental objectives Gee Bros will:

  1. reduce its carbon footprint by 5% in the first year from its current level of 26.9 tonnes of CO2e;
  2. raise awareness internally through its carbon reduction action plan, of the steps it needs to take to reduce its carbon footprint;
  3. communicate to its members what its target is, and encourage them to participate in the three year carbon reduction programme it has designed for them, and;
  4. work with its suppliers to present its carbon reduction actions, and encourage their compliance and environmental activity to be presented to both Gee Bros and its members.

The action plan will be communicated to Gee Brothers’ staff members and suppliers through its website and through information on its carbon reduction action board in the office. The action board will show our commitments, initial action plan and subsequent results.

This environmental policy will be shown in our reception, to new customers and on our website. A full annual review will be undertaken by the designated members of staff: Andrew Pearson-Gee and James Judson who are those responsible to monitor our carbon footprint and its reduction.

 Review date: 17/11/2018

Andrew Pearson-Gee
Proprietor of Gee Brothers

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