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Funeral Service Sheet

We can print funeral stationery extremely quickly in accordance with a customer’s needs. Our staff are particularly experienced in handling these orders and can offer sound and empathic advice. Due to the usual time constraints involved with funeral sheets, a visit is usually best, but if there is a member of the family with access to email, matters can be handled in this manner.

It is available in two sizes, A5 and A6 and in a number of page options – 4pp, 8pp, 12pp and 16pp. The A6 size is becoming increasingly popular as it fits in a pocket and clutch.

There are a number of steps to consider:

  • the typeface colour and style
  • number of pages
  • card colour
  • an image on the front (which will need to uploaded separately)

A few things to help you:

  • It is really helpful if your wording is correct and has been approved by everyone concerned (including your vicar/celebrant) before forwarding to us. This will ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible and the document can be proofed quickly.
  • We will contact you if the number of pages you have ordered is the incorrect size for your text. The price will be altered accordingly (eg. there will be an additional charge to pay if you move from 8pp to 12pp).
  • If you require a more bespoke Funeral Service Sheet eg. a different colour ink or card, bow-tying, tassels, a colour-printed cover, please contact us to discuss.


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