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Fire-up your guests for your big day! Guest blog by Henryka Jewellery

An Invitation To Excite: How To Get Your Guests Fired-Up For Your Big Day

There’s a certain age range in which all of your friends seem to get engaged en masse – and here in the UK, this is generally once you head towards your 30s. It feels like one second you’re eagerly chatting with friends about their latest dates and love interests and the next you’re attending their baby showers, hen dos and weddings on a bi-weekly basis.

If you’ve suddenly found yourself planning your wedding and wondering how to reignite the excitement your friends felt the first time they attended the nuptials of their nearest and dearest, then you’re in luck – as today, our friends at Henryka are sharing their best advice.

Do what matters most to you


Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

It might sound cliché, but your wedding is about you and your loved one, so don’t follow the same path that other couples have taken in the past. Instead, consider your own values, personalities and interests as a couple and how you can share these with your loved ones on your special day – be that through a Marvel-themed wedding cake or a cherished wedding dress that’s been passed down the generations.

By avoiding the obvious and embracing those unique quirks that make you individual, you’ll have sidestepped one of the greatest hindrances to an exciting wedding: the dreaded copycat. If you think you recognise that specific flower arrangement, the playlist at the reception and 3-course meal menu, it’s probably because you’ve seen, heard and tasted it time and time before. There are so many fun ways you can make your wedding special, so why reuse overdone ideas from other people?

Keep some aspects under wraps

Listen, we get it: planning a wedding is both exciting and stressful, and so it’s only natural to want to text every friend with every idea every time one comes to mind. However, you might consider keeping planning updates to your inner circle of friends if you want to leave any morsel of mystery surrounding your wedding day. Whether it’s the dress, decorations, food or the song for your first dance, keeping certain aspects under wraps from most will keep your loved ones guessing and the excitement building.

Announce in style

Once you’ve confirmed the date and venue, making the announcement to your friends and family is next in line. There’s nothing more disappointing than hearing these details through the grapevine rather than directly from the soon-to-be-weds, so try and cover all angles when it comes to sharing the big news:

  • Wedding invitations: To physically hold an invitation is something special and certainly not something that can be matched by an e-invite alone. And choosing an invitation should be fun. You can browse Gee Brothers’ range of elegant invitations available to order online to find the right fit for your wedding. We personally love the timeless look of Grace invitations but there are dozens of other styles and variations, from contemporary to classic, so you’re guaranteed to find one to suit you. A Save The Date card is always a great way to ensure that your guests won’t miss your special day, especially if your wedding is abroad or the following year. The new Isobel Save the Date card is very on trend for 2019.
grace wedding invitations
Grace Wedding Invitations
Isobel Wedding Invitations
Isobel Wedding Invitations
  • Social media. For those friends or distant relatives who you only communicate with through likes and comments, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are likely the places they’ll check for the latest updates on your wedding. Make sure they don’t miss out by sharing your news on social media – even if that’s only a quickly snapped pic of your official invite.
  • Pick up the phone. We all have those older relatives who are averse to new technologies, including social media. If you’re not in contact with these relatives regularly but still feel they should know the news, give them a call – as this way, you can speak with them directly. Not doing so and them consequently finding out from one of your close relatives may lead to them feeling out of the loop, so try and keep them as involved as you can.

Give thoughtful gifts

You probably know your Maid of Honour or Best Man better than anyone else, which is why giving them a thoughtful gift can mean the world. Stay clear of what other couples have done in the past and embrace the memories that made you bond with them in the first place. Whether you give them a throwback vinyl record that reminds you both of a special road trip, a handcrafted piece of amber jewellery to represent your friendship or tickets to see their favourite West End show, going the extra mile to give them something they’ll truly cherish will see them put in the extra effort in return.

Encourage a hen or stag do that suits you

Image: Unsplash
Image: Unsplash

Your hen or stag do doesn’t have to be a boozy affair – and, if it’s your bridesmaids or groomsmen organising it, relaying this to them could save you from a night of debauchery that you’d much rather have avoided. Instead, why not go against the tide with a trip that suits your particular friendship group?

A trip to the ski slopes, a movie marathon with a mammoth takeaway or an old-school game of mini golf or bowling can sometimes prove to be much more memorable than an alcohol-fuelled night on the town, so consider sticking to what interests you rather than following the crowd.

Keeping things fun in the run up to your big day can prove to be a bit of a juggling act. You don’t want to give too much away, but give too little away and you’ll not create any excitement at all.

We hope that, with this compact guide, you’ll be able to build your way towards an anticipated wedding that makes its own rules.

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Anna Emmett is the owner of Henryka Jewellery, specialising in hand-crafted, unique silver, gemstone and amber jewellery that’s inspired by the natural world.

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