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The New Normal


It’s time to kit out your new ‘Home Office’ with some Correspondence Cards, Writing Paper & Business Cards.
It looks like many of us will be working from home for the foreseeable future, so now is the opportune time to order some personalised Writing Paper, some of our beautiful Correspondence Cards and some Business Cards. Let’s start living the ‘New Normal’ in the smartest way possible.

Writing Paper & Letterheads

Our quality paper and fine lithographic printing is what makes our letterheads really special. Order online and choose from a wide range of typefaces and ink colours, all available in a luxurious raised, thermographic finish too.

With envelopes made to match, these make a wonderful addition to your home office stationery. If you require something a little more bespoke, you can always contact to our sales team.

Correspondence Cards

With so many options in our correspondence card range, you’ll be really spoilt for choice.

Choose from our luxurious range of personalised, addressed cards – available on quality card in both a flat or a thermographic, raised finish, or opt for our simple, understated ‘Millennial’ cards, for those times when just your name will suffice.

Business Cards

A striking business card makes that important first impression. Here at Gee Brothers, we specialise in fine, traditional processes such as foiling, letterpress, embossing and gilt edging that will ensure your card stands out from the rest.

We are experts in working with thick card stocks, can produce quality digital printing, and are able to advise on all manner of printing and design questions.

Be it a bespoke design or help in bringing your concept to life, we can help.
Browse for inspiration online, or contact our sales team now –

The art of letter writing is alive and well

As Simon Sebag-Montefiore brings out a new collection of letters that changed the world (Written in History: Letters that Changed the World, October 2018) it’s very interesting to note that letter writing is once again increasing in popularity as a method of popular communication.

In this digital age, technology has changed the way we communicate. To a long distance friend, we can write a quick email and it’s received in seconds, which is wonderful. However much we relish the ability to stay in touch with friends and family so efficiently, it is equally lovely to receive a hand-written letter or note of thanks. There is something very personal about opening a letter and taking a moment to read (and often re-read) its contents. What is also wonderful is rediscovering letters and notes, years after they have been written. If you’ve ever spent time sorting through old boxes, you will know how special it is to find a letter from years ago and how the memories come flooding back as you read it!

Letterhead and Correspondence cards
Letterhead and Correspondence cards

Letters have been written for centuries and changed the course of history. From love letters to declarations of war, ranging from Elizabeth I to Stalin, Marcus Aurelius to Machiavelli, Oscar Wilde to Balzac, Rameses the Great to Gandhi; the significance of a letter in each instance cannot be underestimated. In his book, Sebag-Montefiore has selected letters that have changed the course of global events or touched a timeless emotion – whether passion, rage, humour – from ancient times to the twentieth century: some are noble and inspiring, some despicable and unsettling, some are exquisite works of literature, others brutal and coarse.

Letterhead and Correspondence cards
Letterhead and Correspondence cards

Although we are no longer in the golden age of letter-writing, there are instances when a written letter is the only proper way to communicate. Intriguingly, the Secret Services of many key nations are now using letters to communicate between agents as it is much safer and less prone to hacking. As its popularity increases with many, so does the need for elegant writing paper and correspondence cards. We have been printing elegant personal stationery for over 40 years and have recently introduced a range of writing paper and correspondence cards available to order online. It couldn’t be easier and you can personalise however you wish, with a choice of card colour, ink and typefaces.

Whatever your circumstances, a supply of personalised stationery will always be invaluable – and wouldn’t we all like to think our penned notes and letters are worth saving?

Letterhead and Correspondence cards
Letterhead and Correspondence cards





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