Planning a wedding to remember

Wedding Planning! We get so many lovely couples through our doors, and online, deciding which of our wedding stationery designs will complement and enhance their wedding plans and themes. They all love to tell us what their wedding plans are, the issues are having and asking if we know and can recommended other wedding suppliers. We are obviously more than happy to help. We love learning about all those wonderful businesses out there creating beautiful products all with one aim: to ensure couples have the wedding of their dreams!

Save the Data cards
A gorgeous Save the Date card is a fantastic way to start the theme of your wedding.

So we thought we’d help with a few personal recommendations of suppliers from some of the different types of businesses you’ll need when planning a wedding. Obviously these are just a few of the many more our that couples have recommended to us and we have recommended to them.

Wedding Planning made easy

Searching suppliers via the internet is so easy compared to wedding planning 10 or more years ago. Now you can find so many different companies locally and nationally to choose from. They all give you so much information and fantastic images to ensure you make a considered decision. Almost too many suppliers sometimes, but that has created a competitive set of suppliers and consequently, incredible creativity.  Just a quick search on Pinterest and you’re quickly faced with literally hundreds of options. Deciding between them is the hard part, but you’re probably already following amazing suppliers on Instagram and have long Pinterest boards!

A good place to start are wedding blogs: there are so many out there, some national and some local. It’s a case of searching out the ones that are most relevant to you and the style and theme of your wedding. So our first recommendation is a wedding blog and then from there we list some wonderful wedding suppliers across dresses, hair, venues etc.

Wedding Blog:

This is a great blog-based website helping you plan your very own perfect day. It highlights real weddings with fabulous imagery and also has a great deal of advice and suppliers for all elements of wedding and really does help you create your own individual style for your very own big day.

Wedding List:

If you’re interested in collating a list of gifts from a huge range of suppliers, the wonderful team at Prezola will be delighted to help you. Their bespoke service is available at Platinum by Prezola, a beautifully curated selection of amazing wedding gifts for you to choose from!


WeddingsbyNicolaandGlen is a unique wedding photography duo. They have photographed some of our couples on their special day with truly wonderful results.

Ed Tyler has been photographing weddings for over 12 years in the UK and Europe. As his portfolio shows, he tells the story of a wedding by taking natural and informal photographs. He specializes in capturing all the emotions and spontaneity which make your day special. He also ensures he’s as unobtrusive as possible. Take a look at his website and you’ll see what we mean.

Wedding Planners:

There are a number of brilliant wedding planners who will be more than happy to help you plan your perfect day. Two that have stood out for us recently are:

Guides for Brides: a very comprehensive wedding planning website, especially good for searching out venues as well as all other wedding suppliers. They host fairs around the country and list other upcoming fairs you might like to attend with your friends or family.

Pearl and Pear is a wonderful source of inspiration and guidance. They launched earlier this year and their site is a curated list of exceptionally creative suppliers to help you create an unforgettable day!

Wedding Cake:

Again, we know this is such a personal choice and your caterer will probably be able to recommend cake suppliers, or offer to make it themselves. We can, however, recommend this amazing baker who is local to us in South West London:

Emma Bayfield Cakes: Emma’s creativity knows no bounds and the cakes taste amazing too!

Private Caterers:

If you want to provide your wedding guests with exquisite food, beautifully executed, look no further than by word of mouth. They will work with you to create the most memorable wedding day of your dreams! Their website is full of the incredible events they have produced and their originality is breathtaking! Take a look and be inspired.


We haven’t forgotten that your wedding stationery is pretty key to your wedding day! Not only will you need to invite your guests, but on the day itself, there are many items of stationery required to ensure the day runs smoothly. Items like an Order of Service, a table plan, table names, placements and perhaps menus too. We have many designs on our website to inspire you. If you’d like to browse our range of elegant designs available to order online, please click here. If you are looking for something more bespoke, please contact us.

traditional wedding stationery
Contrasting typefaces with a motif or entwined initials in gold foil

We hope you find this helpful and gets you excited about planning your very own wedding day to remember forever!

So it’s a yes!

Planning your wedding includes planning your wedding stationery. We are really excited to share over 40 years’ experience of creating and printing gorgeous wedding stationery with you!

So you’ve said yes (huge congratulations!) and now the fun really begins! This is your special day, and you have probably been planning the way you want it to look for a long time.  However, you will be happy to know there are no set rules and even traditional etiquette guides will advise you to choose an invitation that reflects your wedding and sets the tone for the day.

So the first decision is whether to be traditional, contemporary or truly individual with a personalised design. The planning starts with the Save the Date card and the theme that will run through every part of your stationery to the Thank You card.  Consequently, your wedding stationery is part of that whole image, and you will want it to reflect your own personality. Traditional wedding stationery used to be hand-engraved, however the new forms of printing, such as thermography which give a raised feel, has taken over as it is half the cost. With this new freedom and endless choices, let us help you create a design that feels truly personal.


Save the Date cards are an excellent way to ensure your guests can attend your wedding as you can also hint at your theme.

Wedding Stationery List

Firstly you have to decide what invitations and other stationery you will need. Do you want to send out Save the Date cards? Are there guests you want to come to the reception or evening only? Then you may need to have reception or evening invitations separate from the wedding invitations.  There are also information leaflets and reply cards with reply envelopes which can go out with your wedding invitation.  For the wedding day itself there are the service sheets, table plans, placements and menus to consider.  Some people like to have an Order for the Day card too.  It is good to plan ahead for each part of your stationery so that you can follow the theme through. Obviously it is important to have a budget in mind for this part of your wedding costs.



This is a gorgeous example of LETTERPRESS printing (Gee Style Ramsey)

Choosing the style

Once you have decided on the theme you will have to make some choices.

For all wedding stationery there are some simple choices to start with:

1. Is the wedding invitation to be folded or flat?

2. Which size of invitation appeals most – standard envelope sizes limit the options?

3. What card colour, thickness and texture do you like?

4. Which printing process do you prefer? (These are described on our website)

5. Which colour of ink or foil would look best with your theme?

6. And finally, which typeface/s you would like (you can have more than one)?



Beautiful gold foil edging, text and initials – very popular and absolutely stunning!


Once you have chosen these, there are some other embellishments to consider.

The finishes that can be added to make the invitation more individual are bows, gilded edges, borders, panel sinking or blind embossing.

A recent trend is to add your initials entwined at the top of the flat invitations or on the front of folded invitations.  A popular choice this year has been tissue lined envelopes with the colour reflecting the ink of the invitation.





So where to start?

With the most important invitation for the day:

From traditional to contemporary, we have experience of printing a wide range of invitations.

Day Invitations & Envelopes

Day invitations are the essential stationery item for every wedding. You send these to the guests you are inviting to your whole wedding, i.e. the ceremony, reception and evening celebration. The envelopes are also important because receiving a good quality envelope will enhance the whole experience of opening your beautiful invitation.  These should be sent out around 8 weeks before. However the more time you give your guests the more likely they will be available to come.

Top Tip 1: Your invitation is the first formal impression your guests will have of your wedding so choose your design carefully and try and tie it in with your colour scheme, theme or “look”.

Top Tip 2: Remember you will only need one invitation per couple or family, but do allow some spares for mistakes when addressing them or for people you might decide to ask later.



Evening Invitations & Envelopes

These are for guests you want to invite to your evening celebration only. These can be less formal than the main wedding invitation and here is the chance to have a fun style invitation from the couple themselves.  You may want to add this invitation into your main wedding invitation envelope so you will not need envelopes for those guests coming to the wedding service. Remember you will only need one invitation per couple or family.


Katie Green Reply Cards
Just one example of the many reply cards we’ve printed for couples… great way to hasten replies!

Reply Cards

These are a popular way of hastening responses so you can finalize numbers early and be able to plan catering, table placements etc.  It also makes it easier for your guests to reply. They’re a great way to ask your guests specific questions such as dietary requirements, if they would like a space on any transport you are organising, or whether they will be bringing children. You can also put a ‘please reply by’ date on them to help ensure replies arrive well before your wedding date. Reply cards are often postcard size with your reply address on the other side and they fit neatly inside your invitation envelope.  Some people prefer to have a separate printed envelope for the reply card.  Either way, it is easy for your guests to let you know if they are coming or not, by just popping them in the post. It is also much easier to keep track of reply cards coming in, than replies coming in by email, telephone or letter. Plus it’s very exciting when they arrive through your letterbox!

Top Tip: Plan to send out your invitations in good time to give your guests about 4 weeks to reply by the reply date.



Including an Information Sheet with your wedding invitation is the perfect way to let your guests know about accommodation, plans for the wedding and maybe the following day.

Information Cards

Information cards are a great way to provide your guests with additional information about your wedding. This can include details about the day, travel and transport, maps, accommodation, present lists, children, and any other information you want to include. They’re particularly handy if your guests are travelling from far away, especially if your wedding is abroad.

Top Tip: Use information cards to address any tricky issues, for example, if you would like money or vouchers instead of gifts, or if you are unable to accommodate children. A carefully worded note on an information card will let your guests know and won’t offend anyone.





Pineapple The Date Cards
You can have so much fun creating a Save the Date card!

Save-the-Date Cards & Envelopes

These are a great way to ensure all your guests can make your wedding, by asking them to save the date up to a year in advance. They’re particularly handy if your wedding is during a holiday season, or if your guests will be travelling far.

Top Tip: If your wedding is abroad you can send them an information leaflet with flight and accommodation information so your guests can book early.

More top tips coming soon…

(If you can’t wait until then, it’s all available on our Free Wedding Stationery Guide, which you can download now from our website)



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