Envelope Tissue Lining

Envelopes Lining - Hand-Finishes
Envelopes Lining

We can line envelopes with coloured tissue or paper to match your invitation or ink colour. This is done by hand. We can line any type of envelope, although the diamond-flap sort lends itself well to lining, as the opening is wide, giving the best visibility of the lining material. We have a wide range of coloured tissue to choose from.

Ribbon Tying

Ribbon Tying - Hand-Finishes
Ribbon Tying

Our expert finishers can hand-tie from a wide selection of ribbon colours and textures. View our standard selection of stocked ribbon colours available in 10mm double-faced polyester “satin”. If you’d prefer to provide your own ribbon for tying, please contact us.

Example of Gold Edging - Hand-Finishes
Example of Gold Edging

Strictly speaking, gilding is the addition of gold foil to the side edge of a piece of paper or card. The thicker the stock, the more the gilt edge is noticeable when the sheets are separated. A bevelled edge gives maximum effect. As well as the traditional gold and silver, different colour metallic and non-metallic foils can be used.

Colour edging

Gilding - Hand-Finishes
This can be done in any Pantone® colour. Please contact us for a quotation.