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Love and marriage in the time of Corona

Love and marriage in the time of Corona.

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown all of our social calendars into chaos. With the UK going into lockdown to help fight the spread of the virus, many of us have had to cancel, postpone, or reschedule the events we had planned for 2020.
Not only is it heart-breaking to have to cancel an event like a family celebration, milestone birthday party or a wedding celebration, but the re-arranging of these events, particularly at short notice, can be incredibly expensive. Unfortunately, a change of date, location or timing renders beautifully printed invitations unusable, and opting to reprint them can add to these costs considerably.
Here at Gee Brothers nothing makes us sadder than seeing finely printed stationery go to waste. We know the care and work that goes into every detail; from the customer’s first ideas, right through to the tissue lined envelopes, it’s a complex process that takes time and dedication to make sure it’s perfect for the big day.
During these uncertain times, it has been even tougher to organise a wedding whilst grappling with frequent changes to the guidelines that help to keep us safe.  We want to try and help in any way we can to make your wedding something wonderful. So, we’ve gotten creative and come up range of ideas that might just be the solution you’re looking for.


So, you’ve made the difficult decision to postpone the wedding; And while florists, bands, and makeup artists can be rebooked, the wedding invites have already been printed. If you’ve been able to rebook your venue for another day, and you’ve still got your original invitations ready to send out, then these small Change-the-Date cards could offer the solution.
Made using a small amount of card or paper and often digitally printed, these are a quick, cost-effective way to inform your guests of the why, the new when and where of the wedding, without the cost of an expensive reprint. Once attached to your original invitations, or slipped inside the envelope, they update your guests and make use of your original invites, so that nothing goes to waste.
Using our quality paper or card, these Mini Change the Date cards can feel just as luxurious as the rest of your invites. Even with a digital print there are so many options – adding colour, motifs or even your own artwork to make them personal, fun and eye-catching. You could also opt have them printed using thermography, letterpress or foiling if you choose and they can even be designed to match your original invitations.
These delightful cards can be ordered through our sales team, just drop us an email at

CHANGE THE DATE & SAVE THE DATE – Use the code SAVE10 for 10% off

From now until August 14th 2020 we’ve got 10% off Save the Dates when you order online.

Though weddings are now allowed to go ahead, it’s just not that straight forward. With limits on the number of guests, the type of service or ceremony allowed and difficulty in finding accommodation for those that can attend, many couples are deciding to hold a small ceremony this year for close friends and family and save the big party until next year instead.
Whatever celebration you have in mind, our save the date cards, available to order online, can be a good, flexible option. Most of our Save the Date cards can easily be adapted to a Change the Date card, or a smaller wedding invitation. The text is entirely editable so you can say what you need to.
Don’t forget that with so many couples in the same boat, next year could get busy quickly. Why not order your save the dates now, and get a head start to make sure your friends and family are free?


If you simply cannot wait to have the invites checked off your to-do list, but are still unsure when it will be, one of our new dateless invitations could be just right for you. We do everything we can here at Gee Brothers to turn around an order as fast as possible, but bespoke traditional printing and delicate hand finishes take time to do right, so why not get the printing out of the way in advance? With Dateless Invitations, you can get on top of your ‘Wedmin’ and have them sooner rather than later, so that once your date is confirmed you can get the invitations out quickly.
Another great tip is to get a calligrapher on board to add the finishing touches, not only will the finish be beautiful, but you’ll be supporting another small business. If you’re interested in calligraphy, we can put you in touch with some very talented people!
Dateless invitations are also perfect for weddings held at a family home, you already know the venue will be available, so why not get ahead?


So, you’ve been able to go ahead, but it’s a very different day to what you’d imagined. With limited numbers allowed at weddings, it can be pricey for such a small amount of invitations. Our fill-in wedding invitation packs are great for small weddings and save money for that big, blowout celebration next year.
With two pack sizes and envelopes included, these are a quick, easy option, giving you just the quantity you need. We’ve a range of digital designs to choose from, with more coming soon. Why not sign up to our newsletter and be the first to know about all our new products when they’re released?

Small Order Quantities
For a limited period, all of our wedding stationery is available with a smaller minimum order quantity to help you order just the amount you need for your day.

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