Top 10 luxury party venues for a party to remember!

It’s not just weddings that require a fabulous venue to invite family and friends. Recently there’s a growing trend in bigger and more lavish wedding anniversary parties and significant birthday parties. It’s wonderful to get all your loved ones together, inviting your longest and dearest friends and family from around the country and the world to celebrate a memorable wedding anniversary or specific birthday in style.

We think the growing number of parties is due to the fact as people tend to live so much further away from each other these days, a good party is a fantastic way to bring everyone together. It’s a unique event and ensures that you all mark a shared life experience with happiness! This is certainly the case with people coming to Gee Brothers for their party invitations. We are delighted to be part of the creation of wonderful memories!

But, unlike weddings you might want to hold your party somewhere a little different as you’re not usually as restricted as you can often be with weddings. And the same goes for the invitations – we have lots of inspiration and ideas on our website, for both bespoke invitations or our online invitation collection.


Foiled Party Invitations
Foiled square invitations – one of our new party invitations available to order online!

The best way to search for great party venues is generally by searching online. Don’t limit yourself too much and definitely look at the wedding venues as well. Wedding venues obviously make great party venues and all venues will hold any type of party. Also use listing sites as these have done the hard work for you. Try these: some are general and list venues, others are specifically for party venue listings: – south west predominantly. – mainly London.

But to help you all, we’ve done a bit of research online and also taken advice from those ordering their wedding anniversary and birthday party invitations from us. Some are a little different and more imaginative – definitely fantastic inspiration!

1. Pool party with a difference

Haymarket Hotel

You don’t have to be a child to enjoy a pool party! This is just one example of a luxurious and stunning pool that offers you the chance to party the night away in style, while taking a dip! Gee Brothers would happily design an eye-catching invitation to entice your guests into the pool!!

Luxury party venues and invitations

2. ‘A Night in a Museum’ – party amongst the artefacts!

Victoria and Albert Museum – Museum of Childhood

Let the years slip away and hold your memorable party in this amazing space full of colour and light.

luxury part venue v and a invitations

3. An historic party palace

National Trust

Obviously the National Trust has some amazing houses and castles, in some of the country’s most stunning locations, but did you know you can hire many of them for birthday and anniversary parties? They are listed as wedding venues, but it doesn’t have to be a wedding! Search by location.

4. Celebrate on the high seas – while still in port

Brunel’s SS Great Britain

Combine your party to remember with a little bit of British history on board Brunel’s SS Great Britain. Set in the stunning Bristol harbour-side, your party will definitely be one to remember in these surroundings! And a nautically themed luxury party invitation would set the scene brilliantly

5. A chateau with a difference – without crossing the Channel!

Chateau Rhianfa

Get the party started in style in a chateau, not in France, but…. Angelsey! It’s a truly wonderful fairytale setting where your party guests can stay and make a weekend of your event, as it’s also a fabulous hotel!  Escape from it all and be the belle of the ball!

Chataeu Rhianfa party venire and invitations

6. A fort with wonderful sea views

Solent Forts

This venue would make an unforgettable party – 360 degree views! And that’s exactly what you get with Solent Forts. You can even stay, so you and your guests can truly experience a night to remember at your birthday or anniversary party in a location that’s pretty hard to beat!

Solent Forts Party Venues and Invitations

7. A marquee with a difference

Marquees make great party venues as you can put them in your garden, if you’re lucky enough, or in some amazing locations. But rather than a traditional marquee, why not try something a little different with a tipi? The range of styles available is increasing every year and they look extremely gorgeous in the summer, when beautifully decorated with flowers and fairy lights. There is a huge range of companies now offering tipi tents for events of all kinds.

8. Experience the beauty nature in the middle of the Cotswolds


Although it does come across as mainly a wedding venue, parties of any sort can be enjoyed here. Plus there’s a great choice of local accommodation available, allowing you and your guests to party the night away without any worries at all. And such a venue allows you to be extremely creative with your invitations too!

Matara party venue and invitations

9. Party in a ruined castles and historical settings

English Heritage

Luckily, just as the National Trust allows you to party in their locations, so do English Heritage. Locations across the UK allow you to party-on-down in castle ruins with some awesome views.

10. Party in the rain forest and beyond

The Eden Project

This amazing location allows party goers to experience this truly wonderful environment. Many of the buildings can be hired and there are many options available to accommodate different sized parties. As this photo shows, the night-time experience is something to behold and won’t be an evening you or your guests will forget in a hurry!

The Eden Project party venue and invitations

It has been a real eye opener to research this latest blog and see some truly different venues. Each one is unique in their own special way and we are now desperate to find a reason to party away with our nearest and dearest friends and family!

So, when you’ve found the party venue to set your pulse racing, don’t forget to set the tone with a stunning invitation that will ensure they say ‘yes’ and come along for a fabulous party! With our experience in printingluxury personalised birthday invitations and wedding anniversary party invitations Gee Brothers’ would love to help you create wonderful memories from the moment you decide to have a party!

So why not be adventurous with a unique venue and fun invitation?

Happy party planning!

Next…your ‘On the Day’ wedding stationery!

So you’ve sent out your Save the Dates and wedding invitations. Now it’s time to focus on your ‘On the Day’ stationery. This ensures that your guests know all they need to about your special day, including their seat at the wedding breakfast and what they will be eating and drinking!

Order of Service:

An Order of Service is a run through of your ceremony in the order it will proceed. It helps your guests to follow your ceremony, participate in prayers and join in your hymns. It is essential for a church wedding and usually includes details of your readings and music, important details of the ceremony, such as Exchange of Rings, details and wording of your hymns and can often include the names of those in the wedding party and your celebrant.

Top Tip: Remember most guests will want to keep your Order of Service as a reminder of your ceremony, so order one per person.

We print Orders of Service in two sizes – A6 and A5. The smaller size (A6) is becoming increasingly popular as it easily slips into clutch handbags and pockets. Why not use a coloured ribbon that matches bridesmaids’ dresses or flowers to tie your inserts to the cover for that perfect finishing touch? The cover can feature a colourful illustration or sketch of your church or wedding venue, your initials, a motif or anything else that means something special to you both.

Order of the Day

An Order of the Day is an order of service alternative for civil ceremonies. It is usually a run through of your ceremony with details of any readings or music, important details of the ceremony such as Exchange of Rings and often the names of those in the wedding party.

Top Tip: As an order of the day is less traditional, you may also want to include details of what will follow the ceremony, for example “champagne and canapés on the terrace” or “sumptuous dinner and dancing”.


These are an elegant addition to your tables, smarten the occasion and inform your guests as to the food and wines you will be serving.  They can be folded, so they stand up on the table, or flat and come in a range of sizes.  You can personalise them with photos or motifs or sayings.

Top Tip: Order one per person or between two if there is not much room on the table.

Little menus are a pretty alternative to traditional menus. Designed as one per guest, they look elegant at each place setting and make for a sophisticated table design, especially if they are in keeping with your wedding theme and colours.

Top Tip: Remember to order one per guest!

Menu Place Cards

Menu place cards are usually elongated menus with space at the top for you to write your guests names. They are a contemporary alternative to traditional menus and place cards and make your place settings look pretty whilst keeping your table clutter free.

Top Tip: Tuck them inside each napkin, with the name showing at the top so your guests can find their seat and see what you will be serving them. The names can be written by a calligrapher.


Place cards are a pretty way to let your guests know where they will be sitting at their table. Most place cards are tent folded and stand at the head of the place setting.

Top Tip: Place cards can be printed in the same type face that you have used throughout your wedding to keep with your theme. They can also be handwritten by a calligrapher.

Table Names

These are either names or numbers for your tables. They help your guests to find the table they are sitting at, to avoid confusion.  The names you choose can be something related to you both e.g. if you are golfing fans you can call them names of golf courses, or they can be places you have been on holiday together.  These can add a real personal, fun touch to your day.

Top Tip: Make sure that the caterer has the stands for these to put on the tables and find out how deep the holder is, so that the writing is not obscured. 

You can have so much fun with your table names: these are all Beatles song titles! 

This is a more traditional but very elegant table card.

Table Plan

A table plan will let your guests know what table they will be sitting at, and where the table is in the room. A table plan or escort cards are essential to help your guests find their seats without confusion.  There are two options; either show the names around a named or numbered table or have an alphabetical list with the table number or name beside it.

Top Tip:  The table plans can be printed in your colour scheme with motifs connected to you both.

Escort Cards

Escort cards are a modern alternative to a table plan and let your guests know what table they will be sitting at.  You simply write your guest name on the front of the envelope and their table name or number on the card inside. A table plan or escort cards are essential to help your guests find their seats without confusion.

Top Tip: The envelopes can be written by a calligrapher and look very smart when laid out on the table as your guests enter the dining room.



We hope you have found the above tips useful!

Next time, we’ll look beyond your wedding day to Thank You cards and your own personal stationery, as a newly married couple!

If you have any questions regarding any of the above stationery, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team here at Gee Brothers.






So it’s a yes!


Welcome to our first ever blog! We are really excited to share over 40 years’ experience of creating and printing gorgeous wedding stationery with you!

So you’ve said yes (huge congratulations!) and now the fun really begins! This is your special day, and you have probably been planning the way you want it to look for a long time.  However, you will be happy to know there are no set rules and even traditional etiquette guides will advise you to choose an invitation that reflects your wedding and sets the tone for the day.

So the first decision is whether to be traditional, contemporary or truly individual with a personalised design. The planning starts with the Save the Date card and the theme that will run through every part of your stationery to the Thank You card.  Consequently, your wedding stationery is part of that whole image, and you will want it to reflect your own personality. Traditional wedding stationery used to be hand-engraved, however the new forms of printing, such as thermography which give a raised feel, has taken over as it is half the cost. With this new freedom and endless choices, let us help you create a design that feels truly personal.


Save the Date cards are an excellent way to ensure your guests can attend your wedding as you can also hint at your theme.

Wedding Stationery List

Firstly you have to decide what invitations and other stationery you will need. Do you want to send out Save the Date cards? Are there guests you want to come to the reception or evening only? Then you may need to have reception or evening invitations separate from the wedding invitations.  There are also information leaflets and reply cards with reply envelopes which can go out with your wedding invitation.  For the wedding day itself there are the service sheets, table plans, placements and menus to consider.  Some people like to have an Order for the Day card too.  It is good to plan ahead for each part of your stationery so that you can follow the theme through. Obviously it is important to have a budget in mind for this part of your wedding costs.



This is a gorgeous example of LETTERPRESS printing (Gee Style Ramsey)

Choosing the style

Once you have decided on the theme you will have to make some choices.

For all wedding stationery there are some simple choices to start with:

1. Is the wedding invitation to be folded or flat?

2. Which size of invitation appeals most – standard envelope sizes limit the options?

3. What card colour, thickness and texture do you like?

4. Which printing process do you prefer? (These are described on our website)

5. Which colour of ink or foil would look best with your theme?

6. And finally, which typeface/s you would like (you can have more than one)?



Beautiful gold foil edging, text and initials – very popular and absolutely stunning!


Once you have chosen these, there are some other embellishments to consider.

The finishes that can be added to make the invitation more individual are bows, gilded edges, borders, panel sinking or blind embossing.

A recent trend is to add your initials entwined at the top of the flat invitations or on the front of folded invitations.  A popular choice this year has been tissue lined envelopes with the colour reflecting the ink of the invitation.





So where to start?

With the most important invitation for the day:

From traditional to contemporary, we have experience of printing a wide range of invitations.

Day Invitations & Envelopes

Day invitations are the essential stationery item for every wedding. You send these to the guests you are inviting to your whole wedding, i.e. the ceremony, reception and evening celebration. The envelopes are also important because receiving a good quality envelope will enhance the whole experience of opening your beautiful invitation.  These should be sent out around 8 weeks before. However the more time you give your guests the more likely they will be available to come.

Top Tip 1: Your invitation is the first formal impression your guests will have of your wedding so choose your design carefully and try and tie it in with your colour scheme, theme or “look”.

Top Tip 2: Remember you will only need one invitation per couple or family, but do allow some spares for mistakes when addressing them or for people you might decide to ask later.



Evening Invitations & Envelopes

These are for guests you want to invite to your evening celebration only. These can be less formal than the main wedding invitation and here is the chance to have a fun style invitation from the couple themselves.  You may want to add this invitation into your main wedding invitation envelope so you will not need envelopes for those guests coming to the wedding service. Remember you will only need one invitation per couple or family.


Katie Green Reply Cards
Just one example of the many reply cards we’ve printed for couples… great way to hasten replies!

Reply Cards

These are a popular way of hastening responses so you can finalize numbers early and be able to plan catering, table placements etc.  It also makes it easier for your guests to reply. They’re a great way to ask your guests specific questions such as dietary requirements, if they would like a space on any transport you are organising, or whether they will be bringing children. You can also put a ‘please reply by’ date on them to help ensure replies arrive well before your wedding date. Reply cards are often postcard size with your reply address on the other side and they fit neatly inside your invitation envelope.  Some people prefer to have a separate printed envelope for the reply card.  Either way, it is easy for your guests to let you know if they are coming or not, by just popping them in the post. It is also much easier to keep track of reply cards coming in, than replies coming in by email, telephone or letter. Plus it’s very exciting when they arrive through your letterbox!

Top Tip: Plan to send out your invitations in good time to give your guests about 4 weeks to reply by the reply date.



Including an Information Sheet with your wedding invitation is the perfect way to let your guests know about accommodation, plans for the wedding and maybe the following day.

Information Cards

Information cards are a great way to provide your guests with additional information about your wedding. This can include details about the day, travel and transport, maps, accommodation, present lists, children, and any other information you want to include. They’re particularly handy if your guests are travelling from far away, especially if your wedding is abroad.

Top Tip: Use information cards to address any tricky issues, for example, if you would like money or vouchers instead of gifts, or if you are unable to accommodate children. A carefully worded note on an information card will let your guests know and won’t offend anyone.





Pineapple The Date Cards
You can have so much fun creating a Save the Date card!

Save-the-Date Cards & Envelopes

These are a great way to ensure all your guests can make your wedding, by asking them to save the date up to a year in advance. They’re particularly handy if your wedding is during a holiday season, or if your guests will be travelling far.

Top Tip: If your wedding is abroad you can send them an information leaflet with flight and accommodation information so your guests can book early.

More top tips coming soon…

(If you can’t wait until then, it’s all available on our Free Wedding Stationery Guide, which you can download now from our website)